Want To Become Part Of Our Family And Make Extra Money?

Want To Become Part Of Our Family And Make Extra Money?

Become Part Of Our Hair Family

If you are reading this then you have taken the first and right choice to being a part of the LB Beautique hair Family… Welcome

Who Are We?

Established in 2019. The founder of LB Beautique has exceptional experience in the beauty industry since 2015, being a qualified Aesthetician and Entrepreneur and being talented and qualified to exercuting treatments in the beauty industry including but not limited to: nails, makeup, massages you name it.. Hair was the only thing she has never been exposed to. The idea only hit her when she got a new job and was forced to have a WIG on as part of her uniform. And from realizing just how much fun it was to do hair shopping, create and sew a WIG style from scratch and just how a simple WIG can transform not only your look but your entire mood and confidence, she thought it would be a great idea to open doors for other ladies to not only experience the feeling of being transformed by a good hair WIG but also make good money while having hair shopping fun. From then, LB Beautique was born… 

What Is Our Mission/ Vision?

The founder of LB Beautique strongly believes and is driven by Woman Empowerment. In fact, she believes that by being a woman alone, that is your super Power! We go through a lot of challenges as women, we are faced with challenges of raising children, maintaining homes and the constant battle to overcoming oppression that women cannot be independent. LB Beautique is a developing company within the Beauty industry that aims to change that! We envision to change mindsets about what woman can do for themselves and for their children through the power of entrepreneurship!

We are more than just a hair business, since 2019, just in a matter of 9 months, we have had a good profit of over 15 000 just on selling hair, we deliver to clients from our workshop to their door at our cost. We pride ourselves with 100% client satisfaction, recommendation and great feedback we always get from our clients. 

What Do We Sell?


  • Brazilian hair wigs (straight hair)
  • Peruvian hair wigs(straight hair)
  • Mongolian curly wigs
  • Malaysian curly wigs
  • Kinky straight hair wigs
  • Bob wigs( straight and curly)
  • Ombre color wigs( for any type of WIG)
  • Full coloured wigs(straight or curly)
  • We can use either middle parting, ear to ear or 360 lace closures

In 2020,we plan to not only ll hair but to add beauty products that will be proudly branded in South Africa, by beauty products I mean lipsticks, makeup pallets, hair growth products, weight loss products at a very affordable price. That is why we want you to be part of the movement!

How To Join?

It’s easy, just give us your name, surname, where you come from, why you want to be part of the company, what are your visions or dreams, give us your contact details, postal address, email address and banking details.

What’s In It For You?

  • We will give you content to post, pictures with prices, we will also update you if we have any specials so you can post and advertise for your clients.
  • You can work part time and any time at your pace.
  • You don’t need a fee to be part of our family.
  • You are welcome to join anytime.
  • We will send you images and prices of our hair every month for you to start advertising and posting.
  • When your client orders you will give them out account number to deposit money to, the client will send YOU the proof of payment, their name and surname, their address to deliver the hair to and their contact details
  • You will then forward us that information, we will not keep contact with your clients, you will. That is how we track record of your sales and performance
  • After you send us the proof of payment, we will deliver the hair to your client and give you the tracking number for you to forward it to your client so she can know when to expect her order. 

Now The Fun Part, How You Make Money From Selling Our Hair! 

  • With every successful order, you will get paid R300 ( per client, per order)
  • You will get paid at the end of the month depending on your successful orders.
  • Everytime you get to your 5th client/order YOU WILL *GET A FREE WIG OF YOUR CHOICE AND R500 AS BONUS

Example : 

  • 3 orders =R 900
  • 5 orders =R 1500 ( plus free WIG and R500 bonus)
  • 7 orders = R 2100
  • 10 orders = R 3000 ( plus free WIG and R500 bonus)
  • 15 orders = R 4500 ( plus free WIG and R500 bonus)
  • 20 orders = R 6000 ( plus free WIG and 500 bonus)

The more clients or successful orders you have per month, the more money you will get paid that month end.. IT’S THAT EASY!! 

Make Extra Money By Selling Our Hair, Anywhere Anytime. Let Us Keep You Happy, While You Keep Your Clients Happy.

Remember We Will Be Launching Our Beauty Products Soon During The Year, We Will Also Send You A Catalog Of Products So You Are More Than Welcome To Sell To Your Clients, Make Extra Money For Yourself And Get Rewarded With A Bonus Plus Free Products .

Love Our Offer? Keep In Touch. 

Send Us A Whatsapp At 073 693 6744

Like Our Instagram Page @LB_Beautique 

And On Facebook @LB_Boutique

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  1. Nthona Sylvia Pheane

    I would like to join please contact me.call 0735279370 and whatsaAp me on 0742353559.

  2. Nolo Breedt

    Good day Nthona 🌸 thank you for showing interest in being part of our hair family. Please send us a whatsapp at 063 522 5026.

  3. Xatyiswa

    I have interest in your company . I have been checking out your company on Facebook and your hair does wonders. In hope that my experience from Facebook is the same as the experience I will have in reality

    1. Nolo Breedt

      Thank you Xatiyswa ✨ please send us a whatsapp to the number 063 522 5026,so we can discuss you interest in the company further. Hopefully we can empower you to have your own part time business in selling our hair 🌸

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