Become Part Of Our Hair Family  And Restock Quality Virgin Hair From Us

Become Part Of Our Hair Family And Restock Quality Virgin Hair From Us

Stock Peruvian| Brazilian | Malaysian| Mongolian |Indian | Vietnamese Virgin Gr11 | Gr12a Hair Bundles | Any Type Of Closures For Your Salon Or Business Affordably From Us

If you are reading this then you have taken the first and right choice to being part of the LB Beautique hair Family… Welcome.


Established in 2019. The founder of LB Beautique has exceptional experience in the beauty industry since 2015, being qualified to do all treatments in the beauty industry including but not limited to: nails, makeup, massages you name it.. Hair was the only thing she has never been exposed to. The idea hit her when she got a new job and was forced to have a WIG on as part of her uniform. And from realizing just how much it was to do hair shopping, create and sew a WIG style from scratch and just how much a simple WIG can transform not only your look but your entire mood and confidence, LB Beautique was born… 


The founder of LB Beautique strongly believes and is driven by Woman Empowerment. In fact, she believes that by being a woman alone, that is your super Power! We go through a lot of challenges as women, we are faced with challenges of raising children, maintaining homes and the constant battle to over coming oppression that women cannot be independent. LB Beautique is a developing company within the Beauty industry that aims to change that! We envision to change mindsets about what woman can do for themselves and for their children through the power of entrepreneurship!


Only GR11A High Quality For The Following:

  • From 8″ to 40″ of hair bundles
  • Brazilian hair bundles (straight hair)
  • Peruvian hair bundles(straight hair)
  • Mongolian Curly bundles
  • Malaysian curly bundles
  • Kinky straight hair bundles
  • Jerry curls
  • Kinky curls
  • Body Wave curls
  • and any other virgin hair texture you require
  • 360 lace closures
  • Ear to Ear straight hair closures
  • Ear To Ear curly lace closure
  • 3 way parting lace closures for straight or curly hair. 

In 2020,we plan to not only ll hair but to add beauty products that will be proudly branded in South Africa, by beauty products I mean lip sticks, makeup pallets, hair growth products, weight loss products at very affordable price. That is why we want you to be part of the movement!

Are You A Salon Owner And You Are Looking For A Supplier High Quality Hair Bundles And Closures? 

We are your wholesale dream team. We sell hair in 3 bundles( not one bundle each) and minimum order is 5.

The Following Prices Are For 3 Bundles Of Virgin Hair ( Mongolian, Malaysian, Peruvian, Brazilian... Etc)

✨8″ = R850

✨10″= R1000

✨12″= R1050

✨14″= R1150

✨16″= R1400

✨18″= R1450

✨20″ = R1650

✨22″= R1950

✨24″= R2150

✨26″= R2350

✨28″= R 2750

✨30″= R 2950

✨32″= R4250

✨34″= R4650

✨36″= R5000

✨38″= R5400

✨40″= R6000

The Following Are Prices For Closures( For All Virgin Hair Textures)

Middle parting/3 way parting lace closure:

✨8″ = R170

✨10″= R200

✨12″= R250

✨14″= R270

✨16″-18″= R400

✨20″-26″= R600

Ear to Ear lace Closures:

✨8″ = R350

✨10″= R410

✨12″= R450

✨14″-18″= R550

✨20″-26= R 650

360 lace closures:

✨8″ = R650

✨10″= R750

✨12″= R820

✨14″-18″= R900

✨16″-26= R 950

The Nice Part Of Having Us As Your Wholesaler?


✨ Our hair is imported from donators worldwide. 

✨ It’s unprocessed, hence it’s real quality hair. 

✨ Our hair can be bleached or dyed. 

✨ Our hair does not tangle

✨ We only sell premium quality grade 11A

✨ We deliver your order to your desired destination. Salon or any address at our cost. 

✨We occasionally run specials for our regular clients. 

✨ We guarantee that your clients will be happy from the wigs you will make from our hair.

✨ If you are struggling with pricing your wigs, we can assist with pricing. 

✨ We will also help market your business or your work on our social media pages with your contact details.

If you would like to place an order for wigs readymade instead of getting bundles, that is doable. Please just request a pricelist for wigs at wholesale price and we will assist you

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